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We hereby pledge to pay invoices within 30 days*.

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Show you care

Be seen to be helping SMEs survive these difficult times.​

Protect your supply chain

By paying your trusted SME suppliers within 30 days, you ensure they can continue to provide you with their products and services.

Attract competitive bids

If SME suppliers go bust, competition increases. You end up having fewer suppliers to source from. Input prices go up.​

Protect your customer base

SMEs aren’t just your suppliers, they are also your customers. Paying your suppliers within 30 days ensures they can keep buying from you.​

Build long term sustainability

Get your suppliers to provide crucial information for your sustainability report.​

Why sign
What our pledgers say

“Prudential is proud to join the Pledge2Pay initiative. As Prudential has been supporting SMEs with our business solutions in insurance, employee benefits and talent retention, it is only natural for us to come onboard this initiative. SMEs are a key pillar of the Singapore economy and it is important that we strengthen our support for them during these challenging times to ensure their business sustainability. I strongly encourage more companies to join Pledge2Pay.”

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Dennis Tan
Chief Executive Officer at Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

What do I have to do under the pledge?
  1. Take reasonable efforts to pay your SME Suppliers in full within thirty (30) days of receiving their invoice

  2. Applies to existing and new invoices

*provided their products or services met your specifications and were delivered in accordance with your contract, of course.​

Your commitment

e hereby pledge to pay invoices within 30 days*."

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Sign the pledge now

Call on your customers to pledge

If you are an SME, register with Pledge2Pay, so when your customers are ready to pay your invoices within 30 days, you benefit.


Are your customers paying you on time?

Give kudos to customers who are already paying you in 30 days or call on your customers to join the pledge!

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